Soccer Sucks

Soccer is a crummy sport.  I read somewhere that soccer is a poor mans game because all you need is a ball and your legs.  The world loves it American’s attentions are clearly focused on many other things.  Our children play 10 sports not one.  The world loves it so I am interested.  The rules of soccer are ridiculous.  A clock that counts up and not down, rules to limit scoring, rules to limit substitutions, and the strangest rules about fouls/penalties that exist.

So here are my proposals for rule adjustments:

  1. Scoring: American’s love games where people score.  The offside rule in soccer should be abolished.  This would encourage cherry picking, add to scoring, and totally change the way defense is played.   0-0 ties are a waste of money.  If NFL fans attended a game that ended with no resolution with a 0-0 tie the fans would burn down the stadium.
  2. Clock:  Ok shorten the halves to 30 minutes but how about a clock that counts down and is stopped between dead balls.  The purist will talk about the continuity and fluidity of play but that is a dead issue.  How about a game where you actually get a set amount of time for game play.  Soccer players stall and waste time and the “stoppage time” is a mere fraction of the amount time wasted during dead balls.
  3. Substitutions: Why on earth would soccer want to limit the number of substitutions?  Substitutions not only let more players play but add an element of strategy about when and how to substitute.  I say soccer players should be able to sub in and out at any dead ball like American football or basketball.
  4. Fouls:  Fouls will always be arbitrary but giving one team a man advantage when some fouls out?  That is an absurd rule.   Let try this how 6 fouls like NBA basketball and you foul out.  Then you are out and someone else is in.  Technical/flagrant fouls are like yellow cards 2 and you are out.  Extreme flagrant results in a red card.  But when you are out someone else is in.  Control the aggression and the game but no one should have a man advantage.
  5. Instant replay:  All sports are dealing with this but soccer must add instant replay.  Stoppage of play or not get the call right.  The outcome should not be affected when technology can show a referee the correct call.

The US game versus Algeria was drama and great fun to watch but to wait till the 91st minute to get 1 goal.  Geez fix this sport someone please.