Hangings and Plantings

We moved into a new house at the end of April after a 2 year struggle.  We sold and we moved which in turn created its own set of struggles. After the house had been on the market 23 months I decided to build something permanent.  Well semi-permanent anyway.   Being quite discouraged I figured the only way to really sell it would be to use reverse psychology.   (I never took psychology in college though!)   So I read a blog about a raised garden bed.  My wife do not garden we spray round-up on weeds.  Round-up is our miracle grow.  The idea of a small (and I mean small) garden seemed intriguing.   My father had intermittently planted a garden when I was a boy and I thought my own girls would enjoy it.  Mainly I thought they liked to play in the dirt anyway so why not give them a legitimate outlet.  To complicate matters even further a co-worker and friend told me about the square foot gardening method.  Then a church friend had done it and subsequent discussions fueled the square foot gardening fire.  In the meantime I found this great site that gives great advice about square foot gardening including a great color coded planting schedule.    So yeah this was supposed to be a short story not epic… $200 later I had successfully built (with the help of my lovely wife and children of course) a raised garden bed.

Two weeks later at almost exactly the 24 month anniversary of the house being on the market the house was finally under contract.  The buyers came by our house a week after the contract was signed to have another look at the house and mentioned that the garden box was one of the house’s main attractions.

You just never know what might sell your house.  Today I hung a picture in the house.  The first one.  We have a part of a plan of what goes where but nothing concrete yet.