It is when I am at a deficit that in my adult life I turn to caffeine. I could have worse vices I realize. The deficit could be in energy or focus or a the result in a surplus of stress. In any case Coke Zero is current choice.

This Friday afternoon I am currently focused on my current projects, managing current and future projects and preparing for the weeks to come. Time for another Coke Zero.


Perceptions and Lights

Unique Perceptions

First, I start this by indicating that I believe every human being to be unique. Unique in physical form. Many people look similar but science has shown us that all humans are different in their genetic makeup.

Second, people are almost never original in their thoughts and ideas in the perception of others. We gain our thoughts and ideas from many stimuli internal and external and I do not intend to talk about that here.

People may be original in their day, or in their culture, or on their continent but we are human and there is common ground. If we stop to realize that we have commonality what we ultimately want and need.

We often do not correctly perceive the motivation or understand the origin of differing perceptions.


Is kindness always obtainable? There is such evil in our world today. We have better healthcare, better travel, and better communication methods than any time in recorded Earth history and yet problems and evil abound.

Can we be kind in every situation? Can we find kindness in every situation? Is Kindness more than cultural tradition? I believe it is.

I listened to a speaker today and he indicated that it was not his job fix “jerk” holes. He stated, someone once told him to kill them with kindness. He said the “jerk” holes are not worth his time.

He wanted us to be kind and genuine but avoid those that are not kind and do evil.  If I as a man searched for the sinless and simply continued on a journey to only surround myself with the sinless, I would be tired until I was dead.  The search would not bear fruit.


The American look at me culture is all about pride. Social media has value but you must wade through mire, muck, and mostly vanity. Pride is evil.

The same speaker talked heavily of integrity. His specific examples were about social media integrity and giving attribution in sharing in social media networks.

What I took from his quest for integrity was a lack of humbleness, a quest for greater ego, and no perspective about what matters.

The speaker was a funny man who is clearly searching for truth and value.  He has not found it.

A plane ride

I got on a plane tonight and watched as a man older than me but younger than my father struggled with technology. I watched him play around with his iPhone 6 plus.

I noticed the icons big and colorful on his iPhone as the full bright screen illuminated his square lined face. He attempted to access two social networks and seem frustrated as I clearly saw the plane icon in the upper left of his screen.

His attempts were for naught as he was clearly in airplane mode but had already forgotten. I immediately made perceptions internally about a fellow human I did not know.

As my time on the airplane unfolded and we got in the air I noticed his tray table down and a spiral bound note book, pencil and ruler in position on his work area in the sky. It was then he began to draw. He was clearly an architect. He began to sketch and draw and line. My perceptions changed.


I have often heard astronauts say things like, “if everyone could simply see the world as we see it in orbit it would change everything”.  As I look out the window and see the lights below, I realize how small I am.

I am 1 in over 7 billion unique in genetic makeup but not very different at all.

The plane is landing and I am tired. Tomorrow I will strive to halt my perceptions, gather more data, and be kind.