I still like Tacos but Soccer still stinks…

The world loves the game of Soccer. Another world cup has rolled around and the US national team is not in it. 😦 But, I am still interested. As I said before Soccer is a hard game for me to enjoy because it has rules that need fixing.

I want to like it, but they just have such silly rules. Goal differential and fair play points deciding who goes to the knock-out round. Just silly.

I still like Tacos but Soccer still stinks.



It is when I am at a deficit that in my adult life I turn to caffeine. I could have worse vices I realize. The deficit could be in energy or focus or a the result in a surplus of stress. In any case Coke Zero is current choice.

This Friday afternoon I am currently focused on my current projects, managing current and future projects and preparing for the weeks to come. Time for another Coke Zero.

Perceptions and Lights

Unique Perceptions

First, I start this by indicating that I believe every human being to be unique. Unique in physical form. Many people look similar but science has shown us that all humans are different in their genetic makeup.

Second, people are almost never original in their thoughts and ideas in the perception of others. We gain our thoughts and ideas from many stimuli internal and external and I do not intend to talk about that here.

People may be original in their day, or in their culture, or on their continent but we are human and there is common ground. If we stop to realize that we have commonality what we ultimately want and need.

We often do not correctly perceive the motivation or understand the origin of differing perceptions.


Is kindness always obtainable? There is such evil in our world today. We have better healthcare, better travel, and better communication methods than any time in recorded Earth history and yet problems and evil abound.

Can we be kind in every situation? Can we find kindness in every situation? Is Kindness more than cultural tradition? I believe it is.

I listened to a speaker today and he indicated that it was not his job fix “jerk” holes. He stated, someone once told him to kill them with kindness. He said the “jerk” holes are not worth his time.

He wanted us to be kind and genuine but avoid those that are not kind and do evil.  If I as a man searched for the sinless and simply continued on a journey to only surround myself with the sinless, I would be tired until I was dead.  The search would not bear fruit.


The American look at me culture is all about pride. Social media has value but you must wade through mire, muck, and mostly vanity. Pride is evil.

The same speaker talked heavily of integrity. His specific examples were about social media integrity and giving attribution in sharing in social media networks.

What I took from his quest for integrity was a lack of humbleness, a quest for greater ego, and no perspective about what matters.

The speaker was a funny man who is clearly searching for truth and value.  He has not found it.

A plane ride

I got on a plane tonight and watched as a man older than me but younger than my father struggled with technology. I watched him play around with his iPhone 6 plus.

I noticed the icons big and colorful on his iPhone as the full bright screen illuminated his square lined face. He attempted to access two social networks and seem frustrated as I clearly saw the plane icon in the upper left of his screen.

His attempts were for naught as he was clearly in airplane mode but had already forgotten. I immediately made perceptions internally about a fellow human I did not know.

As my time on the airplane unfolded and we got in the air I noticed his tray table down and a spiral bound note book, pencil and ruler in position on his work area in the sky. It was then he began to draw. He was clearly an architect. He began to sketch and draw and line. My perceptions changed.


I have often heard astronauts say things like, “if everyone could simply see the world as we see it in orbit it would change everything”.  As I look out the window and see the lights below, I realize how small I am.

I am 1 in over 7 billion unique in genetic makeup but not very different at all.

The plane is landing and I am tired. Tomorrow I will strive to halt my perceptions, gather more data, and be kind.

Leaning Towers Of Cheerios

My wife is a coupon-er.  Yes, she sends me to the store with printed lists and stacks of coupons. I once bought a box of cheerios for .50.   I was hooked.  Today she came home with 6 weeks of cereal from two stores.  I stacked them up and made towers for the kids.  The kids of course loved it.  My wife is even now trying to fit them in the pantry.  I declare this “leaning tower of cheerios Monday.”

Soccer Sucks

Soccer is a crummy sport.  I read somewhere that soccer is a poor mans game because all you need is a ball and your legs.  The world loves it American’s attentions are clearly focused on many other things.  Our children play 10 sports not one.  The world loves it so I am interested.  The rules of soccer are ridiculous.  A clock that counts up and not down, rules to limit scoring, rules to limit substitutions, and the strangest rules about fouls/penalties that exist.

So here are my proposals for rule adjustments:

  1. Scoring: American’s love games where people score.  The offside rule in soccer should be abolished.  This would encourage cherry picking, add to scoring, and totally change the way defense is played.   0-0 ties are a waste of money.  If NFL fans attended a game that ended with no resolution with a 0-0 tie the fans would burn down the stadium.
  2. Clock:  Ok shorten the halves to 30 minutes but how about a clock that counts down and is stopped between dead balls.  The purist will talk about the continuity and fluidity of play but that is a dead issue.  How about a game where you actually get a set amount of time for game play.  Soccer players stall and waste time and the “stoppage time” is a mere fraction of the amount time wasted during dead balls.
  3. Substitutions: Why on earth would soccer want to limit the number of substitutions?  Substitutions not only let more players play but add an element of strategy about when and how to substitute.  I say soccer players should be able to sub in and out at any dead ball like American football or basketball.
  4. Fouls:  Fouls will always be arbitrary but giving one team a man advantage when some fouls out?  That is an absurd rule.   Let try this how 6 fouls like NBA basketball and you foul out.  Then you are out and someone else is in.  Technical/flagrant fouls are like yellow cards 2 and you are out.  Extreme flagrant results in a red card.  But when you are out someone else is in.  Control the aggression and the game but no one should have a man advantage.
  5. Instant replay:  All sports are dealing with this but soccer must add instant replay.  Stoppage of play or not get the call right.  The outcome should not be affected when technology can show a referee the correct call.

The US game versus Algeria was drama and great fun to watch but to wait till the 91st minute to get 1 goal.  Geez fix this sport someone please.

Hangings and Plantings

We moved into a new house at the end of April after a 2 year struggle.  We sold and we moved which in turn created its own set of struggles. After the house had been on the market 23 months I decided to build something permanent.  Well semi-permanent anyway.   Being quite discouraged I figured the only way to really sell it would be to use reverse psychology.   (I never took psychology in college though!)   So I read a blog about a raised garden bed.  My wife do not garden we spray round-up on weeds.  Round-up is our miracle grow.  The idea of a small (and I mean small) garden seemed intriguing.   My father had intermittently planted a garden when I was a boy and I thought my own girls would enjoy it.  Mainly I thought they liked to play in the dirt anyway so why not give them a legitimate outlet.  To complicate matters even further a co-worker and friend told me about the square foot gardening method.  Then a church friend had done it and subsequent discussions fueled the square foot gardening fire.  In the meantime I found this great site that gives great advice about square foot gardening including a great color coded planting schedule.    So yeah this was supposed to be a short story not epic… $200 later I had successfully built (with the help of my lovely wife and children of course) a raised garden bed.

Two weeks later at almost exactly the 24 month anniversary of the house being on the market the house was finally under contract.  The buyers came by our house a week after the contract was signed to have another look at the house and mentioned that the garden box was one of the house’s main attractions.

You just never know what might sell your house.  Today I hung a picture in the house.  The first one.  We have a part of a plan of what goes where but nothing concrete yet.